look at Charlie being cute when I’m trying to sleep



someday ill have the confidence to reblog my own selfies but today is not that day

my dad just surprised dropped me off his dental insurance so thats nice :-) hope i dont get any cavaties from now until i’m dead

i read the sexiest haikyuu nsfw fanfiction lord help me i’m 13 again

the kingdom hearts manga is actually so cute and everyone should read it

i fall into all these categories

*salsa dances up to you*


be the person sora wants you to be

boys with scruff *starts slow cha cha*

boys with beards *does the tango*

really buff boys with beards *vigorously tapdances*



narcissism and peer pressure got the best of me, had to make one



ookiku furikabutte is literally the gayest sports anime i have watched and it is beautiful